The Project

The Song Bridge Project is dedicated to discovering, publishing, and promoting the best English language translations of important, contemporary poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, and alternative genre, written in all languages. Our mission focuses on providing greater access to a range of literature through translation, while complementing existing journals of world literature and literary translation.

We are committed to a collaborative translation process, and work closely with emerging and established authors, translators, and visual artists to ensure the aesthetic integrity of each publication. As a result of this commitment, our poetry books feature an en face format, with both the original and English texts, allowing our readers to experience the poetics of both languages.

Organized in 2020 as a nonprofit as a 501(c)(3), The Song Bridge Project is proud to be part of an influential community of small, independent presses devoted to nurturing the art of literary translation. Song Bridge Press, a literary imprint of The Project, focuses on translations of Iberian and Latin American Spanish-language literature.

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